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Fractional CTO

A fractional CTO will create, lead and deliver technology strategies and solutions that accelerate your business growth.
Our Board-level commercially focused Chief Technology Officers will make a transformational impact on your business.

We use the term fractional CTO to mean a role focused on:

Accountability for technology, teams, and suppliers.

Driving innovation, efficiency, and effectiveness across the business.

Using technology to increase company value, often through online and digital initiatives.

Overseeing the development of bespoke software and apps.

Representing technology initiatives to investors and other external stakeholders where necessary.


Why have a CTO and can I afford one?

A Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is responsible for technology, teams, and suppliers. They drive innovation and efficiency across the business.
The ‘fractional’ term simply means part-time or interim.


Hiring a full-time CTO is an expensive exercise. By definition, CTOs have decades of experience and are one of the most demanding roles within a business.

But having a fractional CTO means that a heavy financial burden is lifted from a company’s books.


How to hire a CTO

We insist that our CTOs have extensive technical and commercial experience, and we ensure that they understand the particular culture of a mid-market business.

In many ways, we bring more to the table than a full-time CTO.


Rich experience connecting digital to business objectives

We have built our team around the fundamental idea that businesses need to connect their systems and digital strategy to their business objectives. This should be the ambition of every innovative company, and we see real growth when the two disciplines are completely connected.

Technical, strategic, and leadership skills to drive growth

Working on a fractional basis also means that a ZINation CTO can do a highly specialized job within a defined remit. Our team can facilitate in a number of areas, from software and product development to implementing large-scale IT infrastructures or a comprehensive digital transformation.

All of our fractional CTOs have a unique combination of characteristics suitable to ambitious mid-market businesses. They have superior technical expertise. They are strategic thinkers and compelling leaders. They understand how to use technology to drive growth.

We have every confidence that our Chief Technology Officers will make a transformational impact on your business.

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